The Most Wonderfully Unrealistic Gear from CES 2013

At CES every year, we cover hundreds of products. They're usually only barely differentiated from previous models. But sometimes, companies trot out devices and technology that could bring something new and wonderful to the market—it's just too bad the odds of this vaporware ever being for sale are slim to nil. Here's… » 1/10/13 2:40pm 1/10/13 2:40pm

The Five Best Phones of CES 2013

Compared to years past, CES 2013 was pretty light on phones. The focus was more on health/fitness gadgets and 4K UHD TVs. But among the few phones at the show, we some good ones. Here are the top five. » 1/10/13 12:10pm 1/10/13 12:10pm

The Very Best GIFs of 2012

Was this the Year of the GIF? That's what some English dictionary said. Whatever. Every year is the Year of the GIF. EVERY SINGLE YEAR. The people of the internets voted for the very best GIFs of 2012, and here they are! » 12/21/12 2:00pm 12/21/12 2:00pm

The Best Everything at CES

Well that about does it for CES. We managed to escape Las Vegas with our lives, most of our belongings, and almost none of our dignity intact. But for all our bellyaching, CES is fun. We saw some amazing things out in the desert this year. Here's a quick rundown of the best: » 1/13/12 8:00pm 1/13/12 8:00pm

The Best New Vaporware

It's the product that will never be. Like that sixth season of The Wire, we hope that it happens, but we know deep in our hearts that it won't. Intel's Nikiski ultrabookand its see-through-trackpad-display falls into that category. » 1/13/12 12:00pm 1/13/12 12:00pm

The Best Booth at CES

Samsung doesn't build a booth at CES. They build a small town. A small town with knowledgeable citizens and a beautiful Main Street. Really, the kind of place you want to take your family to for the summer. And they do it Every. Single. Year. » 1/12/12 12:41pm 1/12/12 12:41pm

The Best New Speakers

Bang & Olufsen is known for two things: high quality sound and high quantity price tags. The AirPlay savvy BeoLit 12 Wireless Speaker don't disappoint in either regard. Oh, and it looks like a pic-a-nic basket! » 1/11/12 5:37pm 1/11/12 5:37pm

The Best New Ultrabook

Engineers at Dell must be on a Fast and Furious kick too! They've clearly decided to live life a quarter-mile at a time, and swaddled their XPS 13 with carbon fiber. » 1/11/12 5:28pm 1/11/12 5:28pm

Apple's Best of 2011 Picks Are In—and Kinda Weird

It's about that time of the year that the Best of the Year lists start rolling in, and you realize what a horrible, uncurated existence you've led over the past twelve months. Here's Apple's year in review of the best music, books, apps and everything else in iTunes—and we have no earthly idea where some of these come… » 12/08/11 2:22pm 12/08/11 2:22pm

Clever iPhone App Only Shows You the Best of Everything

The Village Voice has just put out a clever iPhone app called Best Of. The app basically uses your location to help you find every place that was voted the "best of" something—be it restaurant or hot dog. » 3/24/11 10:40pm 3/24/11 10:40pm

Giz Explains: The Best of 2009

Is there a burning question you have about tech? Like what's the difference between $100 and $100,000 headphones? Or why every country has a different f@%#ing plug? We explained all that, and a whole lot more this year. » 12/25/09 4:30pm 12/25/09 4:30pm

Giz Explains: The Giz Explains Platinum Collection

We've explained a lot at Giz: Everything from the real key to stunning photos to how to actually make delicious coffee. So catch up with the best of Giz Explains, feel smarter and impress people at your barbecue this weekend.
» 9/07/09 12:00pm 9/07/09 12:00pm

EcoModo - The Best of Treehugger

GE is envisioning gadget-covered, net-zero energy homes. A battery rechargeable via shaking might fit in there, but a cigarette lighter cell phone won't. Chuck it, though, and MIT will track it with trashy new devices. » 7/22/09 10:00am 7/22/09 10:00am

Ecomodo - The Best of Treehugger

Circuits made of plastic could revolutionize e-waste, but gadgets on fishing nets aimed to save sea turtles could end up adding to it. Plus, Italy gets a real WALL-E and Japanese tradition brings us cool ZenLight LEDs. » 7/14/09 11:59am 7/14/09 11:59am