Today at Giz: Dear Pervs

From: Jason
To: Pervs
Hey pervs. You know what today is? Yeah, it's the lonelinest day of the year for you, when stuff like the five sexiest Apple videos remind you that you're still paying $19.99 a month to see those cam girls, news about rising cases of teen stalking with gadgets reminds you to check your day… » 2/14/07 3:30pm 2/14/07 3:30pm

Today at Giz: Here's to you, Ladies. ;)

From: Travis
To: The Ladies
Oh yeah, the ladies love the winky face. So, it's day two of this 3GSM where every damn company decided to see who can pee the furthest and perfectly emulate the iPhone. I'm sick of it. The cellphone industry was headed towards this technology regardless and just because Apple announced… » 2/13/07 3:39pm 2/13/07 3:39pm

Today at Giz: Dear Mom

From: Brian
To: Mom
Today, my brain nearly melted from the overage of toy and cellphone posts.
All these phone companies got together and threw a party in Barcelona to try to one up each other with their latest handsets. Samsung brought along a 5.9mm cellphone called the u100. They said it was the world's… » 2/12/07 6:45pm 2/12/07 6:45pm

Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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Afternoon Delight: The Best of Gizmodo

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