Amazon Phone, Ikea Hacks, Electric Harley-Davidson, and More. Yo.

Happy solstice, friends! The longest day of the year is a fitting end to a week with Amazon's new Fire Phone, the first electric Harley-Davidson, a scuffle between Ikea and its most popular unofficial fan site, and of course, Yo. Missed something? Here's the best stuff we wrote this week. Don't rush, you've got all… »6/21/14 2:00pm6/21/14 2:00pm

Languages, George R.R. Martin, the FCC, Porn Copyrights, and More

We here at Gizmodo have been super busy gearing up for our Home of the Future, which you should totally come check out! But we also spent the week bringing you the important stories you need to know, including the FCC's terrible proposals on net neutrality, a map of the most commonly spoken languages in each state,… »5/17/14 5:00pm5/17/14 5:00pm