Pioneer Gen 2 Kuro Elite PRO-111FD Plasma Reviewed: New King of TVs, If You Got the Ransom

Last week we saw Panasonic's latest 50-inch TH-50PZ850U posing a serious challenge to the long-enshrined King of All TVs, the Pioneer Kuro plasma. But now our buddy Gary at HD Guru put the all-new second-gen Kuro 50-incher, the Kuro Elite PRO-111FD, up against the potential throne-usurping Panasonic 850. The verdict?… »7/07/08 1:45pm7/07/08 1:45pm


Best Plasma Ever vs. Best LCD Ever (Verdict: Plasma Wins)

Sound and Vision took took the best Plasma TV they could find (Pioneer Elite PRO-110FD Kuro) and the best LCD TV they could find (Samsung LN-T5281F), and threw them against each other in a carefully calibrated match. The winner, which we've actually seen before as the best flat panel ever, was the Pioneer Elite. Not… »12/20/07 7:30pm12/20/07 7:30pm