Here's Exactly Where Mars Curiosity Landed—And the NASA Engineer Who…

A friend at NASA has sent us this funny document that reveals two things for the first time. One, it shows exactly where Curiosity landed yesterday. The accuracy of the actual landing site compared to the target is impressive!* » 8/06/12 3:03pm 8/06/12 3:03pm

How the Higgs Discovery Lost Stephen Hawking $100

The discovery of the Higgs boson is kind of a big deal. Stephen Hawking certainly thinks so: he says it should net Peter Higgs, the scientist after which the particle is named, a Nobel prize. But it's not all good news, because the result has lost him $100. » 7/05/12 5:58am 7/05/12 5:58am

Bet Real Money on iPad 3 Predictions

Are you tired of going all Zapruder on every piece of Apple minutiae and discussing it in public forums? Now you can put your money where your mouth is. Then, take the money out of there and make a bet. » 2/29/12 8:20pm 2/29/12 8:20pm

Evo View Tablet Confuses BET Awards into Most Awkward Moment in Recent…

Sunday's BET Awards were a lot of fun. Particularly fun? Chris Brown, his ex-girlfriend and former assault victim Rihanna, and Rihanna's current boyfriend Drake all being called onstage as winners at once. The culprit? A confused girl with a tablet. » 6/28/11 3:20pm 6/28/11 3:20pm

BET Ringtones Marketed Through Video Pop-Ups

Pretty sneaky, BET. In order to sell more ringtones, the TV network is now embedding text-messaging codes into music videos, giving you an easy way to download that song's ringtone into your cellphone quickly and easily. Powered by Motricity, it seems about half of BET's videos now have a 10-to 30-second pop-up that… » 12/12/05 12:21pm 12/12/05 12:21pm