iPhone SDK Beta 2 Now Available

Potential iPhone developers should go and grab the latest release of the SDK, beta 2, and revel in the new Interface Builder. Make your own fancy UIs for your iPhone game, or maybe just make an improved iFartz. We're cool with either. [Apple via Macworld] » 3/27/08 3:56pm 3/27/08 3:56pm

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Now Available

The Redmondians at Microsoft have finally opened the sluicegates on Beta 2 of their oft-delayed Windows Vista operating system, and your intrepid reporting team at Gizmodo jumped all over it, trying to score a copy this morning. That's right, Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 is now available to The Great Unwashed, but… » 6/08/06 2:56pm 6/08/06 2:56pm