Beta Culture: Apple Acknowledges Video Problems in New MacBooks

See, this is what I mean with product beta culture » 11/27/08 3:47pm 11/27/08 3:47pm: Apple has acknowledged two video problems in both the new MacBook and MacBook Pros, following with other MacBook lines. One of them seems pretty obvious. Called "the black screen of death", it happens when the graphic card goes into overload playing games, turning…

A Call for Revolution Against Beta Culture

I'm tired of this. This sense of permanent discomfort with the technology around me. The bugs. The compromises. The firmware upgrades. The "This will work in the next version." The "It's in our roadmap." The "Buy now and upgrade later." The patches. The new low development standards that make technology fail because… » 11/21/08 11:20am 11/21/08 11:20am