Why We Still Have Bezels (But May Not For Long)

Yesterday, the first Sharp smartphone to come to these great United States brought with it one of the skinniest bezels we've ever seen on a smartphone. The Aquos Crystal is visually impressive, and a major step into the frameless future that seems to be emerging. There's just one problem, though. Bezels matter. And we… » 8/20/14 10:40am 8/20/14 10:40am

LG's Xnote P210 Laptop Wins World's Thinnest Bezel Claim

Now that the world's thinnest TV bezel race has well and truly been, err, run, LG's focusing its attentions on laptop bezels, with the 12.5-inch Xnote P210 screen fitting in the 11.6-inch space of a MacBook Air. » 12/29/10 8:00am 12/29/10 8:00am

Vers Handcrafted Wood iPad Case Beautifies Your Bezel, Props Your Pad

Now that you know you'll have your sweaty hands on an iPad on April 3, you can start fussing over the other stuff you'll need for your shiny new gadget. This Vers case is pretty and has one of those..um... » 3/06/10 1:30pm 3/06/10 1:30pm

Apple Patents Touch Sensitive Bezel for Hot Corners Action

I hate to say I told you, but I told you: The Apple iPad is exactly what I said it was going to be except for two things: Multitasking and the touch-sensitive bezel. Guess what Apple just did. » 2/02/10 5:00pm 2/02/10 5:00pm

Wrap-Around Screen Phone Concept Don't Need No Bezels

This concept from Mac Funamizu » 10/18/08 5:15pm 10/18/08 5:15pm is designed to show how truly badass a phone with an OLED-wrap display could look. The most important advance? No more bezels or borders of any kind. A concept like this makes even the iPhone look cluttered, with that primitive silver border. It's a great little design, inspired by the …