The Classic Bic Pen Now Works On Your Smartphone Display Too

Writing implements aren't going to be supplanted by touchscreen devices anytime soon. But that isn't stopping Bic from hedging its bets and ensuring its classic see-through plastic pens remain relevant. The company's new Cristal Stylus features a rubber tip on the bottom letting you jot notes on a touchscreen device,… » 1/28/14 1:40pm 1/28/14 1:40pm

Turn Your Pen Into an iPad Stylus With This Adapter

Sure, maybe the iPad wasn't meant to be used with a stylus but having options is always a good thing, right? Sadly this stylus adapter is only a Kickstarter project for the time being but it promises to turn Sharpies, Bic or Pilot pens into a full fledged, tablet inputting beast. If the project raises enough money,… » 2/15/11 2:00am 2/15/11 2:00am

Razors Under a Microscope

Maybe some tools aren't old-fashioned. Maybe they're just perfect. The inevitable tapering toward only the necessary, the honing away of all distraction. The machine at its most simple. After that, what? Easy: mass production. » 2/17/10 10:00am 2/17/10 10:00am

Unreleased Apple Newton Tablets Bic and Cadillac Dug Up

More dusty Newton prototypes have emerged from the archives as everyone's busy drycleaning their favorite black turtlenecks in preparation of Apple's tablet announcement. The Bic and Cadillac hit the FCC but never quite made it to shelves, apparently. » 1/18/10 6:22am 1/18/10 6:22am

Modern Day Michelangelo Paints Ceilings With BIC Lighter

Most people only ever use a lighter for smoking cigarettes. Some enterprising souls find other uses. But for Parisian artist Oliver Kosta-Théfaine, the BIC lighter is his paint and the ceiling is his canvas. » 12/02/09 8:20pm 12/02/09 8:20pm

Hand-Blown BIC Pen Vase Holds a Single Daisy, Is Totally Not For…

These vases are made by heating a BIC pen until it's soft and squishy and then blowing the water chamber like one would blow a piece in glass. Then it's ready to accept a single flower, which will drink from the cool waters below. But just like your massive skull bong is only for enjoying fine tobaccos, this, friends,… » 10/10/08 10:30am 10/10/08 10:30am