Physicists Are Backing Away From the Biggest Discovery of This Century

Back in March, a group of physicists announced the first direct evidence of the Big Bang in a splashy press conference followed by Nobel prize forecasts and champagne. But scientists have since questioned the discovery, and a new paper suggests the signal detected was not evidence of the Big Bang but instead largely,… » 9/22/14 3:55pm 9/22/14 3:55pm

The Sensor Array That Made the Big Bang Discovery Possible

Astronomers have long sought tangible proof that the Big Bang caused the universe to violently and exponentially expand in the first few milliseconds of its existence. Now they have it, thanks in part to a radio telescope in Antarctica that recently detected primordial gravitational waves, the "smoking gun" evidence… » 3/18/14 11:40am 3/18/14 11:40am