Question of the Day: Would You Prefer a Bidet Over a Regular Toilet Setup?

For some reason, bidets have yet to catch on in a big way here in the States. It can be expensive, it takes up space and it may have an effeminate vibe to it, but let me tell you-there ain't nothin' wrong with a good butt washing now and then. Besides, billions of foreigners love it-they can't all be wrong. But what… »8/21/08 5:00pm8/21/08 5:00pm

Inax Bidet Toilet Seats Spray Your Butt in Living Color

If you want to look into the future, go to Japan, where it's impossible to market a new toilet seat without a bidet attachment inside (otherwise known as a washlet) that squirts water all over your delicate nether regions. Now you can do away with toilet paper in colorful style with these limited-edition toilet seats… »10/31/07 9:15am10/31/07 9:15am