I See London, I See France, I See Your Underpants from 32 Miles Away…

We have a winner. This Cloverfield-sized mirror lens by Canon doesn't do zooming action, it's a flat 5200mm, which can shoot stuff 18 to 32 miles away. That's like from one end of Rosie O' Donnell's ass to the other. To focus this baby, it has telescopes bolted to the side. And yeah, that little floating square is the… » 2/06/08 2:50pm 2/06/08 2:50pm

Massive Panavision Bazooka HD Lens Delivers 300X Zoom

Even Canon's BFG of telephoto lenses is but a wee fish in the vast ocean of big-ass glass. Today's whale shark specimen: The Panavision 300x HD lens. It's actually a broadcast HD lens, but that makes this sucker no less ridiculous. It's over three feet in length and weighs 85 lbs. (dwarfing the Canon by several inches… » 2/06/08 2:21pm 2/06/08 2:21pm

Canon 1200/5.6L USM the BFG of Telephoto Lenses

The 1000mm Sigma we saw at PMA is nothing compared to this ultra rare Canon zoom. The retailer B&H photo has one of these, a 1200mm, F5.6 USM lens. They've been around since 1993, but are made to order at the rate of 2 per year, and there are less than 20 in existence. What the hell does 1200mm give you on a 35mm… » 2/05/08 10:18pm 2/05/08 10:18pm