How Twitter Was Fooled Into Thinking bin Laden Watched The IT Crowd and Big Bang Theory

Amidst stories of war-dogs, secret choppers, and hard drives chockablock with porn, there was a small furore on Twitter about Osama bin Laden watching hit UK TV show The IT Crowd—or was it Big Bang Theory? Turns out, it was all an elaborate hoax by The IT Crowd's writer. » 5/24/11 5:50am 5/24/11 5:50am

Does This Finger Sized Tube Carry The Secrets of the Big Bang?

PopSci has a great article about scientists who are trying to re-create the events of the Universe, such as the big bang and black holes, with controlled lab experiments. The Universe in a Teacup, shown above, cools helium to 0.0003°F above absolute zero, and moves around the particles so that little whirlpools remain… » 5/08/08 11:00pm 5/08/08 11:00pm