The drones and cameras in this dystopian animation are horrifying

The dystopia created in this animation by Simon Russell is a world I hope to never be a part of: drones littered across the sky, surveillance cameras pointing every which way and for some reason, dubstep. It doesn't all make sense but Russell's imaginative take on the look of futuristic drones and cameras are… »4/09/14 8:31pm4/09/14 8:31pm

The Benefits of Living in a Total Surveillance State

Suppose you’re walking home one night, alone, and you decide to take a shortcut through a dark alley. You make it halfway through, when suddenly you hear some drunks stumbling behind you. Some of them are shouting curses. They look large and powerful, and there are several of them. Nonetheless, you feel safe, because… »9/30/13 3:20pm9/30/13 3:20pm

China Wants to Track Its Citizens By Tapping Into Their Cell Phones

In yet another frightening instance of China manipulating technology for their purpose, China is looking to track 17 million Chinese citizens by tapping into their cell phone's location. The 'research', as China would like their people to think of it, is part of an initiative to improve Beijing's public transportation… »3/03/11 4:20pm3/03/11 4:20pm