Meet Porton Man, the $2 Million Robot Soldier Guinea Pig

Looks like Boston Dynamics' super creepy hazmat robot, Petman, just got a new best friend. Say hello to Porton Man, the Ministry of Defense's brand new $2 million, animatronic robot pet. » 4/07/14 12:40pm 4/07/14 12:40pm

Great, Now Robots Can Outsmart Tripwires

Until now, quadraped robots have been a bit like terrifying mechanical sprinters: They go and go and go, but if they run into an obstacle, they're gonna fall like a tangle-legged AT-AT. So because the prospect of bots that can throw cinderblocks and climb buildings wasn't terrifying enough, Italian researchers are » 7/31/13 11:10am 7/31/13 11:10am

Pentagon's New Mechanical Horse Is Smart Enough to Follow Its Masters

Boston Dynamics keeps refining its Legged Squad Support System, the robotic quadruped descendant of the good old and creepy Big Dog. The new version of the eerie mechanical horse, which will aid US Marines squads once finished, got some cool upgrades. » 9/10/12 2:32pm 9/10/12 2:32pm

AlphaDog Is the New Generation of the Creepiest Robot Ever

This is AlphaDog, the next generation of BigDog, the creepiest and most awesome quadruped robot of all time. The damn thing is now smarter and can stand up on its own when it's down. Like a real horse. » 9/30/11 9:52am 9/30/11 9:52am

Yes, BigDog Is Still the Creepiest, Most Awesome Robot of All Time

Just when I stopped having nightmares about BigDog, the freaky quadruped robot that will become a soldier's best friend one day. Boston Dynamics' founder Marc Raibert just sent me this music video showing the best moments of its evolution. Great. » 9/22/11 9:50am 9/22/11 9:50am

LittleDog Learns Several Terrifying New Tricks

The last we checked in with LittleDog, the smaller, scrappier version of BigDog and frequent resident of my worst nightmares, we took some solace in the fact that he wasn't quite as nimble as his predecessor. Now: terrifyingly nimble! » 5/22/10 1:30pm 5/22/10 1:30pm

LittleDog Is Even Creepier than BigDog

It may not make the same freaking scary noise as Big Dog, but Little Dog is even creepier than its big brother. I think it is because of its small size. Smaller creatures are always creepier, even when they fail. » 9/24/09 8:40am 9/24/09 8:40am

Darpa Wants Bigger, Smarter BigDog 'Bot To Help in Combat

Boston Dynamic's BigDog is already an impressive » 10/29/08 7:11am 10/29/08 7:11am and freakishly animal-like beast, but Darpa it seems has bigger plans in mind and is asking for a smarter, bigger BigDog. The upgraded robot needs to carry 400 pounds of payload, run 20 miles on any terrain and survive un-refueled for a whole day to please Darpa's…

Robo-Dog Can Pull Rickshaws, Hump Your Leg

This plastic and metal husky with baby blue sneakers is one of the many weird and wonderful robotic entries at Chiba's Techno-Frontier 2008 symposium. Doesn't work as complex and chilling as the mindblowing BigDog, but at least the robo-husky won't try to poop everywhere. [Robot Watch]
» 4/30/08 1:30pm 4/30/08 1:30pm