Warner Music Profits and the Sky Are Down, Digital Sales and Pigs Are Up

As much we like to joke about the new music economy stripping rappers of their fourth Bentley and downgrading their 60-inch plasmas to 42-inchers, Warner Music actually did take a hard beating this past quarter, losing almost $7 million in profit versus last year's—more than half, for a take of $5 million. While… »11/29/07 2:15pm

Universal Music CEO is Like Your Cranky, Out-of-Touch Grandpa Who Happens to Run a Huge Record Label

If you picture music industry CEOs as cranky old white men who are completely out of touch with technology and mad at the world for changing around them, you're pretty damn spot-on. Wired has an upcoming profile on Universal Music CEO Doug Morris, and the guy seems as fit to run a newly tech-based company as a dog is… »11/27/07 9:55am

Warner Music CEO Fesses Up to Music Industry's Mistakes, Slams Mobile Operators, Pats Self on Back

Talking to suits at the GSMA Mobile Congress this week, Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. admitted the music industry is at least partly to blame for the woes it's been mired in for years now as well as the fact that they've been "at war" with their customers: »11/14/07 6:00pm

But then he goes on to pat Warner themselves on the…

Misleading EMI Ad Touted New Radiohead Album, Directed Clickers to Own Store

EMI's efforts to ride Radiohead's wave of rainbow-y vibes didn't stop with their cute but obscenely priced USB drive loaded up with Radiohead's back catalog. If you Googled "Radiohead" last week, the top ad promised to bring you to a boxset of their new album "Rainbow" (like a bad Chinese knockoff) only to push your… »11/13/07 7:20pm

Sony Ericsson Upgrading PlayNow to Real Live Music Store With 5 Million Tracks From the Big Four

In addition to the trio of new handsets they intro'd today, Sony Ericsson also announced plans for an upgraded PlayNow music service. Launching this spring, it could feature up to 5 million tracks in "MP3 and Windows Media digital rights management, or DRM-enabled formats" from all of the Big Four, though no track… »11/07/07 3:45am

Radiohead Selling In Rainbows on CD Via One of the Big Four in January

After basking in adulation from music lovers and RIAA haters for being enlightened poster children of the new way of doing business in the music industry, Radiohead has pulled an about-face that feels like a betrayal and a dirty cop-out: They're releasing In Rainbows on CD in January through one of the Big Four (all… »10/11/07 6:20pm