Giz Plays With Tests the 103-Inch Panasonic Plasma (Verdict: Duuuuuhhhh)

Click to viewYou can read about it all you want, but to be in its presence is another thing altogether. And no, I'm not talking about Frucci. We gave you a sugary lick of its sweetness last Friday on site, but now here are some of the technical details and a nerdier gallery of our experience with Panasonic's 103-inch… » 8/27/07 11:05am 8/27/07 11:05am

Uncrating a 103-inch Panasonic Plasma (Gallery)

Click to viewYou don't unbox a 103-inch plasma, you uncrate it. Today, during our sortie to Secaucus, I got a chance to wander deep into the caverns of Panasonic HQ to the highly secure Big Service locker, see where they stash the 103-inch TVs. I got to check out one from the back—a rare treat, since when they are on… » 8/24/07 9:30pm 8/24/07 9:30pm