VCRs Are Really Hard to Find These Days

Strangely enough, I saw this, and my first thought was "hmmm, can he rewind the tapes with his tongue." Then I wondered how to escape from a man who can eat your head in one chomp. [Fuckyeahdementia via Obsolete] » 1/07/10 10:40am 1/07/10 10:40am

Intel Recognizes ARM Is Better, Says iPhone Is ZOMG

Remember last Wednesday, when Intel's director of ecosystems, stamp collector, and amateur clown Pankaj Kedia pooped all over ARM and the iPhone » 10/24/08 3:30am 10/24/08 3:30am at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei? You know the guy, the Intel zealot who—in an brilliant display of knowledge and strategical thinking said some stupidly dumb things…

Google Denies G-Phone, Still Searching For G-Spot

As expected, and despite «confirmation» by the apparently clueless and/or obviously too much in need of media attention Google Spain Chief (from now on, I officially declare Isabel Aguilera Miss Gizmodo Big Mouth of The Month), the GPhone doesn't exist. » 3/22/07 10:11am 3/22/07 10:11am