Freightliner Just Revealed The First Real Road-Legal Autonomous Big Rig

The Freightliner “Inspiration Truck” will be the first autonomous commercial truck to drive on American roads. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Daimler Chairman Wolfgang Bernhard just bolted on its Autonomous Vehicle license plate to prove it’s the real deal, and it’s already been spotted in action. » 5/05/15 5:23pm 5/05/15 5:23pm

Most High Tech 18 -Wheeler Ever Almost Puts Optimus Prime to Shame

Navistar's new flagship truck, the LoneStar, is a mobile geek mansion: Monsoon stereo system with 11 speakers, subwoofer and amp, a giant desk with swivel chairs, wooden floors, 42-inch mattress and a bunch of other unnecessary creature and gadget comforts, like Bluetooth. Update: Our greasemonkey brothers at Jalopnik… » 2/08/08 5:00pm 2/08/08 5:00pm