The Best Bike Pedal Is One That Catches Thieves

Your bike pedals are boring. These one is not. This one has built-in motion sensors, a cellular radio and a GPS tracker to let you know the instant your bike becomes a target, and help you find it if it gets stolen. And if you've got built-in motion sensors and GPS, why not let those pedals act as a fitness… »1/04/15 8:29pm1/04/15 8:29pm

The joy of a girl learning to ride a bike for the first time

Watching Summer ride her bike without training wheels for the first time brings me great memories. When it seems like she has everything under control, she suddenly bumps into a pole. It's like the pole had a magnetic attraction she couldn't resist. The same happened to me with a tree and I was fine afterwards too. »5/20/14 8:02pm5/20/14 8:02pm

Can a Helmet Made From Recycled Newspapers Really Protect Your Noggin?

As bike rental programs get more and more popular in big, tourist-friendly cities around the world, wouldn't it be great if occasional cyclists could get a temporary helmet on the cheap? That's the goal of the designers behind the Paper Pulp Project, who have designed a bike helmet made from recycled newspaper that… »6/28/13 9:27am6/28/13 9:27am