Calm Down, People: Citi Bike Is Gonna Be Just Fine

New Yorkers are freaking out about a Wall Street Journal story today that says Citi Bike is in trouble, "moving quickly to raise tens of millions of dollars" to save the system, which has been devastated by an unusually brutal winter. » 3/21/14 3:20pm 3/21/14 3:20pm

How the Downtown Project Is Solving Vegas's Urban Problems In-House

When I meet Josh Westerhold at the offices of Project 100, the Las Vegas urban mobility startup that's funded by the Downtown Project, we decide it would probably make sense to head out into downtown Vegas to tour their project area in person. From the other room, his co-worker has an even better idea: "Take the… » 1/09/14 3:40pm 1/09/14 3:40pm

New York's Bike Sharing Scheme, Visualized

New York's Citi Bike scheme has been up and running for a couple of months now—which means there's a glut of data available to analyze. This interactive New Yorker viz shows how the bikes were used every 15 minutes between June 8th and July 8th. » 7/29/13 4:31am 7/29/13 4:31am

NYC Will Have 10,000 Shared Bikes Rolling Around the Streets Next Summer

After much gnashing of teeth from city residents, NYC's transportation department has the go ahead to launch their planned bike sharing system, comprising 10,000 bikes and 600 stations that will cover much of Manhattan and Brooklyn. » 9/14/11 2:00pm 9/14/11 2:00pm

New York Set to Get Ultra-Techy Bike-Sharing Scheme

Following Denver, Minneapolis and Washington—not to mention the original bike-sharing attempt in AmsterdamNew York is hoping to pimp out the community bike scheme, with 10,000 GPS and Wi-Fi* equipped bikes being proposed by the Department of Transportation. » 11/24/10 7:00pm 11/24/10 7:00pm

GPS-Equipped, Phone-Controlled 'Social Bikes' Coming to NYC

We've seen community bike services before, but the Social Bikes setup coming to NYC puts a unique twist on the idea: the whole system is built onto each bike, allowing you to leave it anywhere when you're done with it. » 8/12/10 11:20am 8/12/10 11:20am