It's OK to Stare at This Swimsuit Model Because She Is Saving the Earth

If there's one problem plaguing the environment these days it's discarded, non-recyclable bikinis. They're awful! Plugging up landfills and taking eons to biodegrade. Utterly unacceptable. But not this bikini. This one is special. » 7/23/11 5:00pm 7/23/11 5:00pm

Bikinis Made from 3D-Printers Are Custom Fit for Each Woman's Curve

This bikini, called the N12, is the world's first 3D-printed bikini. It's a sexy design that uses small discs held together by springs. The cool thing is that the designerss want to use women's body scans to create perfect fitting bikinis. » 6/07/11 9:20pm 6/07/11 9:20pm

Water Soluble Swimwear: Delightful or Terrifying?

Water soluble swimwear is either absolutely wonderful or entirely horrifying, but you can decide which it is yourself by watching this video of a trial swim. » 6/12/10 12:40am 6/12/10 12:40am

Misleading Photography: A Zune 30 Is Far Too Heavy for That Bikini

First problem with this photo: That Zune-tan is way too severe, implying weeks of sedentary tanning. Second problem: Nobody keeps gadgets in their bikini bottoms (well, almost nobody). Third problem: A Zune 30? [Fubiz via Fake Steve] » 12/08/09 3:00am 12/08/09 3:00am

These Are the Bikini Princess Leias You Are Looking For (Updated)

Did you know Princess Leia had a twin sister? And that they sunbathed on Jabba barge's deck, half-naked and oily under the torrid light of Tatooine's twin suns? Neither did I. [Update: ANTHR CLEERER PICTRR AFTRR JMP] » 11/05/09 9:16am 11/05/09 9:16am

Water Soluble Bikini Really Works, Is Still A Cruel Prank

Remember the water soluble bikini? We didn't test it out on our Jesus after all, but we did find some videos showing just how well it works. (Don't worry, the NSFW version is hidden behind a link.) » 8/21/09 10:00pm 8/21/09 10:00pm

Humanthesizer Performance Relies on 15 Bikini-Clad Ladies

Electronic musician/producer Calvin Harris recreated his newest single, "Ready for the Weekend," by using conductive ink painted on the hands of 15 girls in bikinis. We, of course, post it in the interest of sharing this cool ink technology. » 8/12/09 7:40pm 8/12/09 7:40pm

Nintendo Bikini Requires Acquisition of Girlfriend or At Least Very…

Yes, my friends, someone has made a bikini that vaguely resembles a classic NES controller. And suddenly that topless beach sounds a whole lot less appealing. Of course, one day women will go nude except for a pair of gloves. And in that era, we'll be obsessed with thumb to index cleavage (making the Power Glove the… » 8/18/08 11:20am 8/18/08 11:20am

LG Seizes Bikini Phone As Opportunity To Put Models in Bikinis

What a brilliant idea by someone at LG to name their KF600-a phone we've covered before-the Bikini. What better way can you think of, besides more money, to convince your models to pose in Bikinis? None. None better. Just when we thought Samsung had the upper hand on shoehorning Korean ladies into product photos, LG… » 7/25/08 3:00pm 7/25/08 3:00pm

Sony Ericsson xPeria X1 Reviewed, Now Dubbed SEX1

That dirty dirty BengalBoy has got his dirty dirty paws all over the Sony Ericsson xPeria X1, putting it through his usual battery of tests: girls in bikini holding it, girls in bikini licking it, girls in bikini fondling it, and girls in bikini trying to find it inside their bikinis because they just lost it… » 6/05/08 7:35am 6/05/08 7:35am

Inflatable Bikini Life Jacket Harnesses The Life-Saving Power of Boobs

The "Bay Watch" bikini life jacket concept is brilliant on three levels: It can help save lives, it is much more attractive to wear than traditional life jackets and your likelihood of being saved by a male lifeguard in the area probably increases ten-fold when you are wearing it. Plus, it looks as though there is… » 11/22/07 9:00am 11/22/07 9:00am

Malignant Mole Bikini Scares You Out of the Sun

Check out this Malignant Mole Bikini, whose ghastly melanomas begin to fade in as you get more and more sun exposure. It's designed by Fiona Carswell, the same guilt-inducing designer who brought us that Smoking Jacket that shows the effects of smoking on a pair of smoked-up lungs. What good is this bathing suit,… » 5/24/07 11:15am 5/24/07 11:15am

The Bikini Remote

Released too late to fit into our Fat Tuesday roundup, this Bikini Remote is the best gift you could give to a thirteen-year-old boy next to an actual woman. Or a bikini. Or a remote. » 2/20/07 8:00pm 2/20/07 8:00pm

Solar Powered USB Bikini

NYU's ITP just had their Winter show. Here's the best of all projects: a photo voltaic laced bikini that puts out 5volts by USB. Just enough to charge an iPod shuffle down at the Jersey Shore. » 12/18/06 6:36pm 12/18/06 6:36pm

UV Monitor Equipped Bikini

This swimsuit, designed and sold by Solestrom, has an integrated UV meter in the band of the bikini bottoms. It will accurately monitor the amount of UV rays hitting your innocent, half-naked body. No worries about getting wet, either, the UV monitor is waterproof. Show that skin cancer who is boss! It won't get… » 7/05/06 4:18pm 7/05/06 4:18pm

Bikini Babe Case Mod

You saw the computer case mod a guy did of his wife's torso, and now here's another take on the loveliest of female forms by Japanese ace PC modder Katsuya Matsumura. Nicely done. See how he did it after the jump, but it's in Japanese, so if you don't read that language you'll have to decipher whatever you can from… » 4/17/06 12:01pm 4/17/06 12:01pm