The 1993 Clinton Documentary That Showed How Elections Are Really Won

As far as political documentaries go, 1993's The War Room stands out for showing viewers what really matters in a campaign: Not the candidate himself, but the people working behind the scenes to get him elected. » 11/04/14 8:00pm 11/04/14 8:00pm

16 Names NASA Considered For The 1980s Space Station That Never Was

During his 1984 State of the Union speech, President Reagan announced that the U.S. would build a new permanently manned space station within a decade. The Space Shuttle program was underway, and a permanent space station seemed like the next logical step in our bold push into the final frontier. It didn't hurt that… » 7/29/13 1:32pm 7/29/13 1:32pm

Bill Clinton Only Sent Out Two E-Mails During His Presidency

Bill Clinton, former POTUS, was so tech un-savvy during his presidency that he only sent out two e-mails when he was in office. One to the troops in the Adriatic, one to John Glenn and none to any interns. [Gawker] » 2/17/11 10:40am 2/17/11 10:40am

Obama's BlackBerry: No Wonder He Couldn't Let Go

Kasper Hauser, the brilliant minds behind the SkyMaul parody, have tackled another delicate tech subject: President Obama's beloved BlackBerry. When you see the First Dude staring at his handheld and snickering, this is what's going on. » 6/05/09 9:00pm 6/05/09 9:00pm

Bill Clinton Spends Tons of Money on Tech at Your Expense

According to an article published on the KHQ station website out of Washington State, taxpayers support former Presidents to the tune of $2.9 million per year. The biggest spender? Good ol' Bill Clinton. » 1/22/09 1:20pm 1/22/09 1:20pm

Bill Clinton Uses iPhone, His Tongue to Communicate

One lucky iPhone user got to have a quick chat with ex-president, Bill Clinton. Not only did our man get Bill to sign his iPhone (see picture), he also learnt that Bill has an iPhone of his own, which was gifted to him by el Jobso himself. » 12/22/07 2:30pm 12/22/07 2:30pm

Bill Clinton Shows You're Never Too Old to Learn the Joy of Text

While he may have been a dab hand with a Cuban cigar, it seems that Bill Clinton is not so well-versed in the art of gadgetry. According to some mobile marketing firm, the former president and keen humidor aficionado has just sent his first text message to Hillary on the occasion of her 60th birthday. Rumors that the… » 10/25/07 12:36pm 10/25/07 12:36pm