Bill Maher Piles On the Foxconn Shame-Fest

Bill Maher interviewed Mike Daisey last week on Real Time, adding to the scourge of recent negative publicity surrounding the conditions at Apple supplier Foxconn. Daisey is the actor who wrote and performed the one-man show The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, a musing that faces the labor issue head-on. He… » 2/06/12 8:00pm 2/06/12 8:00pm

Bill Maher's New Rules for Robot Sex and Marriage

Sure, robot marriage might be even better than the old-fashioned boy/girl variety, but Bill Maher lets you know about the new rules you'll need to know along the way. [Real Time with Bill Maher, via HBO]
» 10/15/07 4:10pm 10/15/07 4:10pm

Bill Maher Rips iPhone Fanboys a New One

Leave it to Bill Maher to bring us down to earth about the frickin' iPhone. Thanks, Bill. We needed that. Well, at least the "nerd tax" was reduced by $100. [Real Time with Bill Maher, via HBO]
» 9/17/07 11:15am 9/17/07 11:15am