Judge Lets NSA Continue Spying on US Citizens

A federal judge in the Northern District of California just ruled that he can't rule in a case accusing the NSA of spying on Americans. This lack of a ruling means the NSA may continue with its activities. But the really disappointing and weird part is how the judge justified his stance. » 2/10/15 7:30pm 2/10/15 7:30pm

Cops Can Make You Fingerprint-Unlock Your Phone, and That's Not Okay

A Virginia Circuit Court judge recently said that it was not okay for cops to force suspect's to unlock their phones with a passcode. (Thanks, the Constitution!) However, the judge also ruled that it was okay for cops to force suspects to unlock their phones with a fingerprint. Wait, what? » 11/03/14 11:08am 11/03/14 11:08am

The Cable Customer's Bill of Rights

Over the past few days, we've received more than 1,000 horror stories about bad cable experiences: tales of bad techs, terrible service, and troubling billing practices. We used those to build a cable customer's bill of rights. » 8/18/11 12:30pm 8/18/11 12:30pm

Show Your Photographer's Bill of Rights With These Silkscreened…

When you're a photographer, you'll inevitably get hassled by the authorities telling you to stop taking pictures. Do you stop? No, you kindly show your Photographer's Bill of Rights, conveniently screenprinted on your lenscloth, and keep on snapping. » 6/22/10 8:40pm 6/22/10 8:40pm

Bill of Rights Security Edition

The first ten amendments of the United States Constitution are printed here on pocket-sized sheets of metal, questionable items if you're going through metal detectors in the airport. When they ask you to empty your pockets, metaphorically give up your rights, dropping the metal pieces into the basket. Let's make sure… » 5/10/06 11:59am 5/10/06 11:59am