This Memo Killed Osama Bin Laden

The pen is mightier than the Seal Team 6, or something like that. Read the letter that officially made Bin Laden a dead man, straight off of CIA letterhead. » 4/26/12 12:20pm 4/26/12 12:20pm

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This Is What The Government Told Gizmodo About Osama Bin Laden's Body

Months ago, I asked the Pentagon for its visual records of Osama bin Laden's sea burial under the Freedom of Information Act. Today, I received a thick packet of No— a complete denial that any records exist. Read it. » 12/15/11 3:01pm 12/15/11 3:01pm

The Amazing, Movie-Like True Story of What Happened in Operation Kill…

The New Yorker has pieced together an amazing report about the Abbottabad raid aka Operation Kill bin Laden. Comprised from the personal accounts of the SEALs themselves, it has it all: Obama, Crankshaft, Pacer, DEVGRU, Cairo the Dog and more. » 8/01/11 10:03am 8/01/11 10:03am

China Building Its Own Osama-Killing Stealth Black Hawks

But don't worry! They're just 1:144 scale toys. If this is the extent of Chinese reverse-engineering efforts, then the Pentagon can probably wipe the sweat off its trillion dollar brow. I'd still like one of these for my desk, though. » 6/06/11 9:12am 6/06/11 9:12am

Bin Laden's Ex-Girlfriend Starts Twitter War with Rapper

Well this is certainly bizarre. You might think author and former love of Osama bin Laden (!) Kola Boof might want to keep a low profile. Given, you know, the whole having sex with Bin Laden thing. Not quite! » 5/25/11 6:20pm 5/25/11 6:20pm

How Twitter Was Fooled Into Thinking bin Laden Watched The IT Crowd and

Amidst stories of war-dogs, secret choppers, and hard drives chockablock with porn, there was a small furore on Twitter about Osama bin Laden watching hit UK TV show The IT Crowd—or was it Big Bang Theory? Turns out, it was all an elaborate hoax by The IT Crowd's writer. » 5/24/11 5:50am 5/24/11 5:50am

This May Be the Other Stealth Helicopter Used In the Osama Attack

What you are looking at here may not exist, but it's likely to be the stealth heavy transport helicopter that carried backup SEAL commandos in the final hunt for Osama bin Laden. It looks appropriately powered by ninja stars. » 5/20/11 3:34pm 5/20/11 3:34pm

Secret Stealth Drones Spied on Bin Laden Months Before Kill Mission

How do you monitor the whereabouts of the world's most wanted criminal, deep inside a radar-infested region of a country that doesn't want you there? With this stealth drone, which gave the US eyes on Osama's compound from above. » 5/18/11 12:40pm 5/18/11 12:40pm

Obama Puts an End To Fake Photo Shoots

Say good-bye to reenactments and fake photo shoots in the White House. President Obama decided these staged photo ops were "a bad idea" and ended this long-standing practice. He would say that after getting caught-out, wouldn't he. » 5/13/11 3:00am 5/13/11 3:00am

How Osama bin Laden Sent E-Mail

As more details come to light about bin Laden's life of the past few years, we're learning how the leader of Al-Qaeda communicated to his underlings through e-mail—even though he didn't have an internet connection in his compound. » 5/12/11 5:29pm 5/12/11 5:29pm

Osama bin Laden Was a Geek

The myth of Osama in the Cave pervades American terror culture. Before we found him in a house, we imagined him in a cave, as a West-hating hermit. But Osama was no luddite—tech helped shape his terror. » 5/12/11 1:40pm 5/12/11 1:40pm

This Is What We (Ridiculously) Thought Osama Was Hiding in Ten Years Ago

We caught and shot Osama bin Laden in a rundown, decrepit compound, lacking any direct contact with the outside world. But in 2001, the Times of London (and the Pentagon) thought he was living in a comic villain's super fortress. » 5/09/11 4:40pm 5/09/11 4:40pm

Pictures of Obama's Speech Announcing bin Laden's Death Were Staged

This isn't news. Not at all, in fact. I just found the story so very interesting. As it has been since the Reagan era, photographers weren't allowed to take pictures during live televised speeches given by the President. So how did we end up with still pictures? Well, Obama reenacted the speech for them! » 5/08/11 6:00pm 5/08/11 6:00pm

Obama Cracks Wise After the Operation to Find bin Laden

Tensions were high during the decision-making process that would lead up to the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Success depended on the precision of the Navy SEALs team in order to kill this slaughterer of thousands. » 5/07/11 2:00pm 5/07/11 2:00pm

Al Qaeda Takes to the Internet to Confirm the Death of Osama bin Laden

There are many tin-foil-wearing nutjobs out there who believe Osama bin Laden is not actually dead. Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization he founded, is not among those in denial over his death. » 5/06/11 10:49am 5/06/11 10:49am

The CIA Watched bin Laden For Months From Right Down the Block

In a safehouse in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a small team of CIA spies lived and worked for months. Their mission: collect information on a nearby compound suspected of housing the world's most notorious terrorist. » 5/06/11 10:31am 5/06/11 10:31am

Bin Laden Was Daydreaming about Train-Derailing Terror Plot

What do you do when you're a terrorist pent up in a huge, rundown compound with no phone or internet? Write down "vague, aspirational" terror plots in your notebook, the NYT reports. Like derailing a train on Christmas. » 5/06/11 10:16am 5/06/11 10:16am

Is This the Navy's Secret Helicopter?

Ever since SEAL Team 6 blew up its downed, stealth Black Hawk, aviation geeks around the globe have been trying to figure out what the hell it was. One flight expert has gathered the clues and created this detailed rendering. » 5/05/11 3:16pm 5/05/11 3:16pm

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Hyperspectral Imaging Helped Kill Osama bin Laden. But What the Hell Is…

Killing ol' OBL wasn't just the work of SEAL Team 6—the beyond-badasses had a cadre of support staff backing them up behind the scenes, including classified hyperspectral imaging device experts. So, uh, what does that mean? » 5/04/11 12:00pm 5/04/11 12:00pm

Check Out the Demolished SEAL Team 6 Chopper from Space

Although no Americans were hurt in Osama bin Laden's takedown, one MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter didn't make it back—and was subsequently blown apart by US commandos. Here's the scene, as a satellite whizzed by at 17,000 mph. [GeoEye via Danger Room] » 5/03/11 11:20am 5/03/11 11:20am