Amazon's Binder Pages Are Now Full of Funny Romney-Related Reviews

It had to happen: there are now whole Amazon binder pages full of humorous reviews ridiculing Mitt Romney and his "whole binders full of women" phrase, from yesterday's debate. Some of them are ok. Some are really funny. Check them at [Amazon] » 10/17/12 8:10pm 10/17/12 8:10pm

Binder with Built-In Speakers Makes School Even More Annoying

This binder with built-in speakers is set to drive any teacher that encounters it completely insane. I mean, you just know kids are going to use it to disrupt classes and generally be obnoxious. Nothing is funnier than interrupting math class with some tinny pop punk! Right guys?! » 2/05/07 10:49am 2/05/07 10:49am