Determine How Predictable Your Friends Are With Pinterest Bingo

Pinterest is the hottest new social networking site that everyone loves to hate. Now, instead of pouring untold scorn on your friends for using it, you can play Pinterest Bingo to make the mockery more entertaining. » 3/12/12 7:28am 3/12/12 7:28am

Giz Bingo Winner Is Now One Pizza Happier

Free pizza. Yummy. Along with free beer, life really doesn't get any better than free pizza. Which is precisely what Maximillian Hill, the winner of Gizmodo's MacBook Event Bingo » 11/11/08 8:25am 11/11/08 8:25am, got last week: A large pizza with italian sausage and extra cheese. Maximillian sent us the bingo at exactly October 14, 10:30 AM east…