Alligator fat can be made into biodiesel (and, yes, they have a lot of fat). Extreme cavers descend into the dark and dangerous depths of Earth's deepest cave. And we tour the original, long-lost SeaWorld that never was. It's time for the week's Landscape Reads! » 4/23/14 10:40pm 4/23/14 10:40pm

13 Unexpected Sources of Energy that Could Save the World

If humans are going to keep living in the style to which we're accustomed, we need to find alternatives for fossil fuels. Partly that's because we need to reduce pollution — and partly because those fossil fuels are going to run out. But alternative forms of energy may look a lot weirder than you think. » 3/31/14 6:11pm 3/31/14 6:11pm

Used Cooking Oil Is a Hot Property on the Black Market. Seriously.

People resort to the black market for all sorts of stolen goods: cellphones, watches, cars, babies. But used cooking oil? According to the Washington Post, that's a thing too. » 11/11/11 2:20pm 11/11/11 2:20pm

Fill Your Biodiesel Gas Tank With Alligator Fat

If you're in Florida with your biodiesel car, you absolutely must find a place that dispenses fuel derived from alligator fat. Not only is it eco-friendly, it's a great conversation piece you can whip out at the next cocktail party. » 8/18/11 1:25am 8/18/11 1:25am

Coffee-Fueled Car Is Surprisingly Practical

Turns out you can make biofuel from just about any oily plant product. Corn may be the standard, but coffee works at least as well, and it makes your car smell like a Starbucks! » 3/07/09 6:30pm 3/07/09 6:30pm

Rainforest Fungus Makes Biodiesel, Not Soup

Environmentalists who say we shouldn't cut down the rainforest as it harbors potentially useful lifeforms are finally right: there's an amazing fungus that can produce biodiesel better than any current methods. Gliocladium roseum » 11/04/08 5:04am 11/04/08 5:04am was found in the Patagonian rainforest, as a by-product of antibiotics experiments. The…

BioBot Makes Bio Diesel at Home!

You would think that making your own Bio Diesel at home would be a tough, multi-stepped procedure that has a few dangerous spots to misstep. Well before the BioBot, a system that makes Bio Diesel from old cooking oil, you would have been right. Unfortunately, after the BioBot, you would have been right, too. Here is… » 10/22/08 3:45pm 10/22/08 3:45pm

Greener Skies: Quiet, Fuel-Efficient Airplanes Race in NASA Challenge

This past weekend, a NASA-sanctioned 400-mile "personal air vehicle" race was held in Santa Rosa, CA, to see who had created the quietest, most fuel-efficient plane that's still reasonably fast. Those involved hope pushing these ideas forward will make personal airplanes cost effective someday. These PAVs run as quiet… » 8/12/08 9:40pm 8/12/08 9:40pm

FuelPod2 Brings the BioDiesel Processing Plant to Your Driveway

I like the idea of Biodiesel because it means cheap, clean-burning fuel. Or in the case of FuelPod2, free, clean-burning fuel. The FuelPod2 takes any used cooking oil you may have, and converts it into usable Biodiesel, which runs in any standard diesel engine. The FuelPod can convert up to 50 litres (just over 13… » 12/03/07 2:10pm 12/03/07 2:10pm

Die Bike Runs on Biodiesel, Capable of 130 mph

This is Die Bike, a biodiesel motorcycle that has been built from a car engine and a bike body by an Oakland collective called The Crucible. A recent test-drive got the eco-bike up to 130 mph, but its creators are hoping that, with a bit of modification, their baby will hit 160 mph on the Bonneville Flats next month… » 8/09/07 4:52am 8/09/07 4:52am

Biodiesel Planes (??)

Treehugger discusses the possibility of bio-diesel planes. Apparently, you can just drop a little bio-diesel into low flying planes and travel for miles while wafting chip crease in your wake. However, for larger planes at higher altitudes they suggest a mixture. You don't want your biodiesel turning to Crisco at… » 8/19/05 3:18pm 8/19/05 3:18pm