Cutting Emissions Through Biofuels Will Lead to Water Shortages

Climate change mitigation could actually increase water shortage in some areas rather than reduce it, according to new research. The source of the problem is clear: greater demand for biofuels, intended to reduce emissions from fossil fuels, requires massive increases in irrigation in productive but relatively arid… »8/07/15 3:30am8/07/15 3:30am

13 Unexpected Sources of Energy that Could Save the World

If humans are going to keep living in the style to which we're accustomed, we need to find alternatives for fossil fuels. Partly that's because we need to reduce pollution — and partly because those fossil fuels are going to run out. But alternative forms of energy may look a lot weirder than you think. »3/31/14 6:11pm3/31/14 6:11pm

DIY XR3 225 MPG Hybrid Car Kit Finally Finished, Hits the Road Soon for $25,000

When we last left gearhead Robert Q. Riley and his three-wheeled DIY 225 MPG XR3 car kit »8/17/08 2:00pm8/17/08 2:00pm in March 2007, rumor had it drivers would be zipping around roadways in it by May. Turns out the DIY hybrid market is tougher than expected, because just this week word was the XR3 was finally finished and "coming soon"-again. And…

Prince Charles' Modded Aston Martin Burns 4.5 Bottles of Wine Per Mile

Prince Charles has discovered the perfect use for crappy English wine: He is using it as biofuel for his classic Aston Martin DB6. The Prince converted the 38-year old car to accept ethanol to play his part in reducing carbon emissions in the UK. The wine in question is a white distilled from the excess stock of a… »7/01/08 10:05am7/01/08 10:05am

Planika Fires Lets You Stoke the Flames Without the Smoke

Nothing screams impeccable taste like having a fireplace in the middle of your coffee table and now, thanks to Planika Fires, you can keep the flames roaring without worrying about smoke or soot. The company makes the magic happen using a proprietary liquid biofuel called Fanola, which burns completely smoke and smell… »5/18/08 12:30pm5/18/08 12:30pm

InnovaTek's Mini Microreactor Can Convert Liquid Fuel Into Hydrogen

A new development from InnovaTek offers potential freedom from high oil prices and hope for the future of biodiesel fuel-cells. They are currently testing a hand-sized microreactor that can convert nearly any liquid fuel into hydrogen—and while you are pondering that little nugget of information consider this: the… »3/20/08 8:45pm3/20/08 8:45pm