Using Super Slow Motion to Study the Biomechanics of Flight

DARPA's hummingbird drone might be terrifying, but it's pretty remarkable that we've been able to create a bot that mimics that kind of agility. Researchers at Stanford armed with high-speed cameras are studying the minutiae of bird flight frame-by-frame to see if we can't one day make these bots even nimbler. That's… »7/03/13 11:21am7/03/13 11:21am

Buildings Based On Human Bone Structure Could Be the Future of Cities

Biomimicry borrows design solutions from the embedded intelligence within animals' bodies—chiefly from other species. But occasionally, it also borrows from within the human body. For example, a new study from MIT suggests that buildings of the future could be built with super-strong materials based on the structure… »6/18/13 4:11pm6/18/13 4:11pm