Don't Worry, These Ugly Rubber Slippers Will Rot Away In Six Months

Would you spend $13 on a pair of rubber slippers that start to rot away the second you open the packaging? It's a feature most people would like to see on those aesthetically-challenged Crocs, but the O1Ms are from a Spanish company called One Moment and are made from a soft vegetable-based plastic that will… »10/23/12 9:13am10/23/12 9:13am

Pop A Squat Anywhere, Anytime With Environmentally-Friendly Shit Box

Next time you're camping, instead of digging a hole or using one of those suspect comfort castle port-a-johns to dispense with No. 2, why not infuse a little portability into nature's call with the Shit Box? It's completely cardboard, fully biodegradable, and utterly ridiculous. And yet, I'm drawn to it. I want to see… »6/21/08 3:00pm6/21/08 3:00pm

Biodegradable Plastic Bag Disappears in Four Months, Along With Your Earth-Killing Guilt

The reason plastic is awesome is that it's super durable, so it lasts forever, which is an issue when we want it to go away and take its place in the circle life. Biodegradable plastics aren't new, but in the past they've been pretty weak and expensive. Eco-geeks at the Missouri University of Science and Technology… »4/21/08 1:30pm4/21/08 1:30pm

Biodegradable Source Toothbrush Saves The World One Head At A Time

In their quest to save our dying planet, ecologically concerned people are often forced to make sacrifices. If you're compelled to join them, you can start by getting rid of that fancy superstore toothbrush and replace it with the Source Toothbrush, an environmentally friendly hygienic tool constructed from wood… »7/06/07 9:27pm7/06/07 9:27pm

High-Tech Fabric Perfect for Sexy Underwear: Made of Wood

We're always on the lookout for the latest high-technology innovations in sexy ladies underwear, and although this Lenpur fabric is made of white pine wood scraps, it offers "the comfort of silk, the feel of cashmere and the coolness of linen. The resulting pieces acquire surprising thermal regulating and anti-stress… »12/05/06 11:18am12/05/06 11:18am