MasterCard Will Offer a Credit Card With a Fingerprint Sensor

The appeal of a contactless payment card is obvious: you just wave your credit or debit card over a terminal and you've paid. But it also removes the PIN from the equation, meaning it's easy for someone to steal and use your card. To combat this, but to also keep contactless payments a breeze, MasterCard has just… » 10/17/14 9:19am 10/17/14 9:19am

Nigeria's Using a Biometric ID Card That Doubles As a Debit Card

Make all the "Dear Friend" email scam jokes that you want—Nigeria now has one of the most sophisticated government-issued ID systems in the world. A new nationwide card that rolls out this week collects biometric information to prevent fraud and includes a debit card feature backed by MasterCard. » 9/02/14 7:50pm 9/02/14 7:50pm

This Facial Recognition Software Signals the End of the Security Guard

Minority Report references are old hat in the tech world. In fact, it's often a great way to describe technology that, as the cliche goes, "sounds like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel," yet is destined to remain a fiction. But this futuristic facial-recognition security system is the exception. It exists, and… » 3/20/14 5:20pm 3/20/14 5:20pm

Your Body Odor Could Help Make Airport Security a Breeze

Forget retina scans and fingerprints. Turns out, body odor is a shockingly accurate biometric identifier. And according to new research from a team of Spanish scientists, it could change the way security checkpoints work. » 2/05/14 5:40pm 2/05/14 5:40pm

Biometric Fingerprint Sensor For iPhone “Leaked” In Latest iOS 7 Build

Somewhere in the bowels of iOS 7 Beta 4 is a folder labeled "BiometricKitUI," which lends a bit of credence towards the rumors that the next iPhone might have a biometric sensor embedded in the Home button. » 7/29/13 2:35pm 7/29/13 2:35pm

The Pentagon's Putting Its Big Brother Data Collection in the Cloud

News emerged this week that the U.S. Army, which has been collecting biometric data of locals in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, is going to start storing that data in the cloud. Put simply, biometrics is the collection of personal, physical data using devices like retina scanners, and no matter what way you spin… » 5/31/13 10:20am 5/31/13 10:20am

Your Voice Is Your Password with Barclay's Phone Verification System

The days of having to remember your childhood dog's mother's maiden name or what street your first high school mascot lived on could soon be a thing of the past. Barclay Wealth has recently introduced a verification system that uses biometrics, rather than random facts, to confirm your are who you say you are. » 5/09/13 6:40pm 5/09/13 6:40pm

Are Your Future Passwords Hidden In the Jiggling of Your Eyeballs?

Eye scanners have always been one of the security devices people think of when they think "high-tech" and "high security." But they're not perfect yet, some can be fooled with contacts or even pictures, but new pushes into detecting your personal eye jiggle could change that. » 10/14/12 11:20am 10/14/12 11:20am

World's Smallest Fingerprint Reader Borders on Adorable

Following in the footsteps of USB flash drives that have shrunk to meer slivers of plastic, Eikon's new Mini biometric fingerprint reader is barely noticeable as it hangs off your laptop. And the convenience of not having to remember passwords will cost you just $10. » 6/06/12 8:44am 6/06/12 8:44am

Peek-A-Boo! DARPA's Developing Sensors to Track You by Your Heartbeat

Doesn't matter if you're a ninja or a polar bear blinking in a blizzard—if you've got a heartbeat, this new sensor system will find you. It's called "Biometrics-at-a-distance" and does everything but smell your fear. » 11/19/11 4:20am 11/19/11 4:20am

America's Battlefield Biometric Scanning Keeps Perfect Record of…

Distinguishing friend from foe has been one of the greater challenges through years of American military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. But science fiction-worthy biometric scanning, the NYT reports, is changing the face of warfare, two irises at at ime. » 7/14/11 1:00pm 7/14/11 1:00pm

CSI bin Laden: Commandos Use Thumb, Eye Scans to Track Terrorists

The U.S. forces who killed Osama bin Laden in his Abbottabad compound were more than expert marksmen. Some of them were forensics experts as well, using sophisticated tools to ensure that they got the right man. » 5/03/11 10:40am 5/03/11 10:40am

Forensics, Biometrics and Classified Technologies Helped Track Bin…

The National Review has sources telling them that the Joint Special Operations Command used forensics training, biometric analysis and NSA/CIA resources to help commandos survey, locate and kill Osama Bin Laden inside his secret Pakistan compound. » 5/02/11 1:21pm 5/02/11 1:21pm

If You Think You Need This $825, Biometrically Secured Wallet, You Have…

Look, maybe you've had your pocket picked a few times and are really paranoid about losing your wallet. But you're not Julian Assange and I doubt anyone is coming after you, so you probably don't need this biometrically secured wallet. » 1/28/11 4:00pm 1/28/11 4:00pm

Does Justin Bieber Stress You Out? These Heart-Rate-Monitoring…

Biometric devices and personal electronics have increasingly become intertwined over the years, but few have merged the two ideas as seamlessly as these headphones, which can also measure your heart rate. » 12/23/10 12:40am 12/23/10 12:40am

WikiLeaks Diplomatic Bombshell Reveals Strange Tech Snooping Schemes

Today's not a good morning to wake up as an American diplomat. The weekend's WikiLeaks disclosure of covert communications has revealed some strange tech plots surrounding world figures—Bluetooth bugs implanted in prisoners. DNA gathering. UN stalking. Weird stuff. » 11/29/10 10:40am 11/29/10 10:40am

New Jersey County Tracking Homeless With Biometrics

Bergen County, New Jersey had a problem. They needed to keep track of how often homeless people received services like food and shelter, but they didn't have a reliable way of identifying them. So they started scanning their fingerprints. » 10/28/10 11:00pm 10/28/10 11:00pm

Clean Your Ears, Because Airport Security Might Soon Be Scanning Them

New research says your ears are like snowflakes—completely unique in the world. Which is neat! But also means you have two giant finger prints on the side of your face, and airport security wants a look. » 10/11/10 11:40am 10/11/10 11:40am

Simple Lack of Hygiene Fools Most Biometric Scanners

A new report out of the US National Research Council asks that you leave the severed fingers and popped out eyeballs at home when trying to fool biometric scanners. » 10/03/10 1:00pm 10/03/10 1:00pm

The $200 Biometric Lock Versus a Paperclip

Click to viewAnother year, another DefCon, another litany of epic security fails. Like this here Biolock Model 333, a high-tech and high-priced bit of protection that surely requires expert tools and technique to override. Here's how it does against a paperclip: » 8/02/10 3:40pm 8/02/10 3:40pm