Researchers Create Bionic Eye Prototype, Render Guide Dogs Obsolete

The Boston Retinal Implant Project recently developed a bionic eye implant that will restore vision to those affected by degenerative blindness. The device works by being implanted into the back of the eyeball and working as a light transmitter to the brain, where the two are connected by a nerve/wire thinner than a… »3/10/08 9:39pm3/10/08 9:39pm

Eyeball-Implanted Camera Patent May Bring Electronic Vision, One Day

Implanting a micro-camera directly into the eyeball may be a future solution for restoring sight to people with damaged vision, according to this patent application. The camera could be charged wirelessly, and communicate directly with a chip implanted at the back of the eye, so very little external hardware would be… »1/22/08 10:48am1/22/08 10:48am