The World's First Look Inside an Intact Brittle Star

Brittle stars have a bit more in common with starfish that giant, luminous balls of gas. These organisms look like starfish but with tentacles, and they’re dubbed “brittle” because they’re so delicate—when they’re dissected, scientists can document what they find, but they can’t preserve the sample. It’s a one-time… »11/18/15 9:15am11/18/15 9:15am


Frozen Ant Rafts Could Teach Us How to Make Self-Assembling Robots

A writhing mass of fire ants floating across the water is thing of horror and a marvel of engineering. But how do you study the architecture of ever-squirming ants? By flash-freezing them and coating in glue, as scientists did for a recent study. Ant rafts, it turns out, are more complicated than you might think, and… »6/12/14 10:00am6/12/14 10:00am