Watch a pelican flying from a camera on his beak

This is Big Bird, a Great White pelican who lost his flock after a storm hit Lake Tanganyika. Injured, unable to feed himself, he desperately landed at the beach of the Greystoke Mahale Camp in Tanzania, where he recovered and learned to fly again. Here's his story, according to camp owners. » 2/27/14 9:20pm 2/27/14 9:20pm

Watch a tigerfish snatch a bird in mid-flight for the first time

So you're a swallow just flying along and *BAM* a fish jumps out and snatches you from the air. Scientists have been hearing rumors about this bird-eating-tigerfish for years but never put much stock in the rumors. At a lake in South Africa's Mapungubwe National Park, however, they saw this happen twenty times. » 1/11/14 12:31am 1/11/14 12:31am

Bird-Electron EZISON 0 is Chunky Portable Speaker Bliss, Almost

The EZISON 0 speaker has Bird-Electron written all over it; it's pricey, utterly ridiculous and has a design that makes us swoon. Available in white, red, gold, blue or silver aluminum finishes, the EZISON 0 is quite the looker whatever color you should choose, but we just cannot get our heads around the 7350 Yen… » 3/27/08 7:22am 3/27/08 7:22am