Watch a tigerfish snatch a bird in mid-flight for the first time

So you're a swallow just flying along and *BAM* a fish jumps out and snatches you from the air. Scientists have been hearing rumors about this bird-eating-tigerfish for years but never put much stock in the rumors. At a lake in South Africa's Mapungubwe National Park, however, they saw this happen twenty times. »1/11/14 12:31am1/11/14 12:31am

Bird-Electron EZISON 0 is Chunky Portable Speaker Bliss, Almost

The EZISON 0 speaker has Bird-Electron written all over it; it's pricey, utterly ridiculous and has a design that makes us swoon. Available in white, red, gold, blue or silver aluminum finishes, the EZISON 0 is quite the looker whatever color you should choose, but we just cannot get our heads around the 7350 Yen… »3/27/08 7:22am3/27/08 7:22am