Backyards Scream "Classy!" With StereoStone Birdbath Fountain Speaker

Sorry, but I just can't believe anyone's going to buy this. Not only does it just look ridiculous, with its faux stone carving topped with a leafy pineapple, and its two submerged halogen lights. (Why not four lights, or a whole ring of them? I mean, if you're going cheesy, go all the way.) On the good side, it does… »3/21/08 5:00pm3/21/08 5:00pm


Desktop Charger Shows Your Status, Cleanses Filthy Birds

With a design this unique, you know it has to be a concept. Still, Sun Kyung Kim's idea to combine a birdbath theme with a charge status indicator composed of radiating rings works —despite being a little out there. As the device charges, the rings expand toward the birds perched on the edge of the bath. Once fully… »11/14/07 5:00pm11/14/07 5:00pm