Completely Ruin the Point of a MacBook Air With This Charger

Just you wait until next year, when Jobs and co. will announce the battery-powered MacBook Air, thus wiping out the need for Bird Electron's external charger. It takes 8x LR14 (Type C) batteries, and gives two extra hours' life to a laptop that already has five hours' web-browsing juice. [AkihabaraNews] » 6/10/11 7:45am 6/10/11 7:45am

Leather Manila Macbook Air Sleeve Resurrects Old Joke In Style

Though nothing quite says "I have the thinnest computer in the world" like a manila envelope, the tan paper sleeve doesn't add much in terms of protection... or ostentatiousness. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to this leather version, which will keep your Macbook Air snug and (supposedly) safe while still giving a… » 5/24/08 10:00am 5/24/08 10:00am

Bird-Electron EZISON 0 is Chunky Portable Speaker Bliss, Almost

The EZISON 0 speaker has Bird-Electron written all over it; it's pricey, utterly ridiculous and has a design that makes us swoon. Available in white, red, gold, blue or silver aluminum finishes, the EZISON 0 is quite the looker whatever color you should choose, but we just cannot get our heads around the 7350 Yen… » 3/27/08 7:22am 3/27/08 7:22am

Mini Speaker Add-On Recycles Your iPod Shuffle Box

Plug this tiny stereo speaker system into your iPod shuffle's plastic box, and you get a mini boom box plus the satisfaction of using something that you'd normally have thrown away. This (slightly) eco-friendly system from Bird Electron also fits inside a first- or second-gen iPod nano box and costs just $40. [Geek… » 1/23/08 3:00am 1/23/08 3:00am