Old school top down view of Grand Theft Auto recreated in real life

There are so many videos showing real life being imitated in Grand Theft Auto that it’s about time we see GTA get recreated in real life. This recreation is especially cool because it takes the classic GTA top down view of the old video game and stages scene with real people and real cars and real streets. »5/04/15 10:32pm5/04/15 10:32pm


Dronestagram Lets You See Awesome Pictures from a Drone's Perspective

Here's your great time waster website for the day: Dronestagram. Exactly like how it sounds, it's a website that shows you pictures taken by drones which means you get to see amazing angles of the world you've never seen before. It's like being a bird or taking a helicopter tour of Dubai, France, Rio de Janeiro,… »7/23/13 8:41pm7/23/13 8:41pm

This Unbelievable Footage Literally Shows a Bird's Eye View of the Entire World

Everyone has wanted to fly at some point in their life. Unfortunately for most of us, watching this unbelievable trailer about Discovery's Winged Planet is the closest we'll ever come to actually flying. That's okay thought because the footage is unbelievable—cameras were mounted onto birds to see life from their… »10/06/12 1:00am10/06/12 1:00am

Tailcam Video Shows Awesome Plane's-Eye-View of A380 in Flight

Click to view »8/06/08 10:00am8/06/08 10:00amThis video is a feed from the Tailcam in an as the aircraft takes-off. The cam feed can be shown on the seat-back displays and gives you an almost Superman-like view of the aircraft from 79-feet up at the top of the tail. It's pretty amazing watching the behemoth aircraft surge slowly down the runway and…