Stunning underwater video by Jose Lachat at Aeon shows you major milestones in the life of an Austra

Stunning underwater video by Jose Lachat at Aeon shows you major milestones in the life of an Australian flamboyant cuttlefish: including birth, courtship, and egg-laying before death. If you want to skip right to the sexy part, the mating dance starts at 2:19. »8/23/15 3:00pm8/23/15 3:00pm

"Virgin Births" Won't Save The Smalltooth Sawfish From Extinction

The critically endangered smalltooth sawfish was recently found to be capable of asexual reproduction. It’s an exciting discovery for many reasons, but breathless claims by the media that sawfish could save their species from extinction by resorting to virgin births are wrong, wrong, wrong. Let’s explore why. »6/18/15 7:10pm6/18/15 7:10pm

Video: The breathtaking star-like beauty of a giant squid giving birth

If you ever wondered what a giant squid giving birth looks like (why would you think about that?), just look up at the night sky one day. Because watching a female squid lay eggs looks stunningly celestial. Watch as she lays thousands of eggs in the ocean that seem to glow underwater like she’s giving birth to stars. »6/15/15 10:35am6/15/15 10:35am

Seeing Births and Deaths in Real Time in the US Is Morbidly Fascinating

If you want to remind yourself of the scarcity of life, just check out this visualization that shows the births and deaths in the United States of America in real time. It's pretty insane to see just how many people's lives change every second. You just never know. Check it out here. [Google Drive via Nowhere Near… »12/04/12 8:20pm12/04/12 8:20pm

Exclusive: Kasper, The Incredibly Human Technology Straight From JBiggs Inc.

At 10:15AM today, JBiggs Inc. unveiled Kasper, the first in its much-anticipated line of baby-making products. This boy comes with the works: Bluetooth connectivity to mom's milk output, WiFi hunger alerts, a 10.1 surround sound audio system, automatic pooping capabilities and, gee, he sure is cute. This one is on the… »12/28/05 1:15pm12/28/05 1:15pm