Blackberry OS 4.5 Not Officially Arriving Until September

The Blackberry Internet Services 2.5 upgrade (and subsequent downtime) is still go for a June 29 launch, but there's a catch. According to the Boy Genius Report, some of the "sexiest" 2.5 features won't be available until Blackberry OS 4.5 arrives-in September. From the looks of the BIS 2.5 presentation they got their… »6/28/08 2:00pm6/28/08 2:00pm

RIM's BlackBerry BIS v.2.5 Due On June 28, Will Include HTML Email Support

RIM is upgrading its BlackBerry Internet Service in anticipation for the next-gen of BlackBerry devices, and chief amongst the host of upgrades is the inclusion of native HTML email support – something users have been asking for since the dawn of the crackberry age. Finally, I will be able to expect the same… »6/22/08 1:30pm6/22/08 1:30pm