Blackberry Internet Service 3.0 Coming March 28 With Gmail Syncing

In the wee hours of the morning on March 28, RIM will roll out Blackberry Internet Service 3.0. During the four hour upgrade, Blackberry users can expect their email service to be a bit wonky, but it'll be worth it: BIS 3.0 brings with it support for WMA and OpenOffice files, and, more importantly, two-way syncing… » 3/20/10 2:23pm 3/20/10 2:23pm

Blackberry Internet Service 3.0 Documents Leak: Gmail Syncing Ahoy

Blackberry users who have been frustrated by their phone's inability to properly sync Gmail can unclench their fists. Documents detailing the new features of the upcoming BIS 3.0 show Gmail syncing and WMA support are on the way. » 2/06/10 11:23am 2/06/10 11:23am