Architect Bitchfight: Which Crazy Mega Bridge Tower Will Dominate?

Just like inner-city drug kingpins and high-seas pirates, architects also often find themselves eyeball to eyeball in deadly cutthroat fights. This time around, the Broken Bottle award goes to two firms trying to revamp the mouth of Copenhagen's harbor with a crazy bridge-building. One team wants to make two towers… » 11/25/08 9:20pm 11/25/08 9:20pm

Yahoo Considering Google Alliance, Hitler's Pills

Looks like the Microsoft purchase of Yahoo is going to shake the intartubes no matter what happens at the end. Now Reuters is saying that Yahoo management really "is considering revisiting talks it held with Google several months ago on an alliance as an alternative to Microsoft's bid." Apparently Google's head honcho… » 2/04/08 7:48am 2/04/08 7:48am

OLPC Slaps Back at Intel: "You Have No Heart and Don't Care About the Children"

Last night, Intel pulled out of OLPC, citing founder Nicholas Negroponte's serious jealousy issues with other low-cost computers stealing XO's thunder in more ways than one. Today, OLPC slaps back, claws out: "We're totally better off without you since it was all for show and you never really loved us (or the kids) in… » 1/04/08 1:25pm 1/04/08 1:25pm