New Crazy Björk Thing: Interactive iPad Album on Colbert

Bjork stopped by the Colbert Report last night to talk about her new album "Biophilia," which has an interactive iPad component that lets listeners manipulate the music with various on-screen elements. The interview wasn't without the obligatory technical difficulties, but thanks to some expressive gestures we all… »2/01/12 1:07pm2/01/12 1:07pm

Bjork the Drug-Addled Technologist Explains How CRT TVs Work

Sure, you could »11/03/08 3:45pm11/03/08 3:45pm ask an engineer or designer how an old TV works. But then you'd get a boring, predictable and correct answer. Who wants that? Not me, that's for sure. I'd much rather listen to Bjork tell me exactly what's going on inside a TV, because you're guaranteed to get a much more fantastical and entertaining…

ReacTable Synth Makes Touchy-Feely Music for your Eyes

If you caught Bjork on tour this year, then you might have seen the ReacTable, a tactile synth. Moving, flipping and rotating the blocks on the perspex surface creates the music, while a projector beneath the table provides the visuals. It's intuitive and thrilling stuff that can be used by both professional musicians… »8/09/07 11:30am8/09/07 11:30am