A Few Mutant Genes Can Turn a Stomach Bug into the Black Death

Scientists have long known that one little microbe is responsible for the infamous Black Death plague that decimated Western Europe in the Middle Ages, wiping out roughly one-third of the population. Now they’ve learned more about where it comes from: it takes just a few small genetic changes to turn a mild stomach… »10/07/15 8:20pm10/07/15 8:20pm


Plague DNA Found in Ancient Tooth Suggests Black Death Isn't Dead Yet

You've undoubtedly heard about the Bubonic plague, but the chances of you knowing next to anything about the Justinian plague are significantly slimmer. That's because no one really knew anything about the Justinian plague—until recently, that is. Now, two ancient, plague-ridden teeth are finally teaching us a little… »1/28/14 2:00pm1/28/14 2:00pm