Samsung's Black Edition Credit-Card Sized 1.8-inch HDs Are Tiny, Shiny

Samsung's taking its large-capacity 1.8-inch HDs (found inside the Macbook Air, iPod, etc) and throwing them into this sleek bus-powered credit-card-sized casing, which looks to be about as small a form factor we're going to see for a 1.8-inch drive. They're only available in Asia at the moment, and on the high end… »8/27/08 10:40am8/27/08 10:40am

Parrot PARTY Black Edition Speakers Do Use Near Field Connection

Parrot has come up with a new Black Edition of their PARTY speaker which uses Near Field Communications to connect to audio sources, claiming it's the first commercial speaker system to do this. Basically you don't have to do any complicated Bluetooth paring, just tap your cellphone to the speaker and away you go. It… »4/16/08 9:10am4/16/08 9:10am