90% of This Year's Black Friday Ads Have the Exact Same Items and Prices As Last Year's Black Friday Ads

It's not always super door buster TV deals that are better and even cheaper than last year, a lot of times big box stores sell the same exact items for the same exact price. Hell, sometimes they even charge more. NerdWallet took a look at Black Friday Ads and found some interesting stuff. »11/14/12 9:00pm11/14/12 9:00pm


Sam's Club, JC Penney, Staples and CVS Black Friday Ads Posted Now

BlackFriday.info »11/11/08 11:00pm11/11/08 11:00pm just posted up four more ads to get you ready for Spendathon '08. Since nobody here really comes to read about getting an automatic doughnut maker from JC Penney for $99 (maybe you do?), we'll assume you're more interested in the Nintendo Wii for $224, Wii Fit for $78 and vaious Blu-rays for $10.87…

Sears Black Friday Ad Leaks, Full of HDTVs, Digital Cameras, and Other Gadgets

Let the Black Friday ad leaks begin! Our first major ad is from Sears, and it's a big one. It's got the stuff you'd expect from Sears (tools, tires and jewelry), but it also has loads of tech stuff that might make it worth stopping by. Highlights include a Sharp 46-inch 1080p set for $900, a TomTom 125 GPS unit for… »10/27/08 9:00am10/27/08 9:00am