Laser Helicopters Fulfill 2 of My 3 Childhood Fantasies

Laser tag is sweet. R/C helicopters are sweet. When you combine the two only good things can happen. That's why I'm pretty amped about the news that a Chinese toy maker has armed its new R/C chopper with an IR transmitter and sensor, allowing for two to have laser dogfights in midair. If one gets hit, its power gets… » 5/15/07 6:00pm 5/15/07 6:00pm

50GB Dual-Layer Blu-ray Movie Announcement Coming Tomorrow, 10/6

A naughty little birdy just shot a secret up our chutes about an upcoming Sony Pictures announcement regarding Blu-ray. Their first dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray movies are launching starting next week, and they're going to be loaded with high definition special features which make use of the extra. » 10/05/06 7:35pm 10/05/06 7:35pm