Black Hornet: The $195,000 Spy Plane That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

The lives of British soldiers in the Brigade Reconnaissance Force just got a little safer. Rather than having to undertake the dangerous task of checking for ambushes, investigating potential enemy positions themselves ("Go see if there are a bunch of guys with guns in that house"), or just sticking their head around… »2/06/13 12:00pm2/06/13 12:00pm

Prox Dynamics Black Hornet: World's Smallest UAV, Too Small for Mr. T

I'm no sissy, but I don't like airplanes. And man, don't be shouting "eclipse" or I'll get angry! But I like this helicopter: it's so small, much better than that big Boeing thing. They say it's the "worlds smallest and most capable Unmanned Aircraft System". The Black Hornet is designed to aid soldiers in the field,… »4/01/08 8:50am4/01/08 8:50am