Drone of the Day:  Black Hornet

At four inches by one inch and weighing half of an ounce (16 grams), Black Hornet is more Pixar character than fighting drone. And like a Pixar character, one gets the sense that though it is now in the secret agent arsenal of at least three countries—the United States, Britain and Israel—it could easily be swatted… » 7/10/15 1:54pm 7/10/15 1:54pm

Black Hornet: The $195,000 Spy Plane That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

The lives of British soldiers in the Brigade Reconnaissance Force just got a little safer. Rather than having to undertake the dangerous task of checking for ambushes, investigating potential enemy positions themselves ("Go see if there are a bunch of guys with guns in that house"), or just sticking their head around… » 2/06/13 12:00pm 2/06/13 12:00pm

Prox Dynamics Black Hornet: World's Smallest UAV, Too Small for Mr. T

I'm no sissy, but I don't like airplanes. And man, don't be shouting "eclipse" or I'll get angry! But I like this helicopter: it's so small, much better than that big Boeing thing. They say it's the "worlds smallest and most capable Unmanned Aircraft System". The Black Hornet is designed to aid soldiers in the field,… » 4/01/08 8:50am 4/01/08 8:50am