This flying drone helicopter truck is a real life transformer

What is this? A flying drone? Eight flying drones? One flying helicopter? A moving room? A truck? It's a little bit of everything. Called the AT Black Knight Transformer, it combines the vertical takeoff and landing of a helicopter with the off-road driving capabilities of a truck. So yes, that means it can fly and… »1/10/14 9:24pm1/10/14 9:24pm

Army Rolls Out Autonomous Black Knight Unmanned Combat Vehicle, Father of the Robot Overlords

The U.S. Army is already using fully armed robots in Iraq, and now it's rolled out the Black Knight Unmanned Combat Vehicle. It's pretty much a giant tank with robotic capabilities, armed with a 30mm gun and a machine gun. Soldiers can steer and control it just like a radio-controlled car, complete with a video viewer… »11/08/07 11:15am11/08/07 11:15am